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Google for Education Certified Trainer

Google Certified Trainer

Google Certified Trainer

Google Certified Level 2 Educator

Google Certified Educator

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Certified Apple Teacher Badge

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Ed Tech Team Google for Education Summit Presenter Badge

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About Eileen Fernandez-Parker

President, Founder

Eileen Fernandez-Parker serves as coach, trainer, and consultant delivering professional development to educators and administrative teams across the United States applying her experience as a 28-year educator, a Google Certified Trainer and Apple Certified Educator. Eileen’s passion is helping students and educational leaders grow and reach their full potential.  Eileen believes in the personalization of education for all students and teachers.  Eileen meets teachers where they are and helps them grow in their professional goals including authentic learning, blended learning, problem- and project-based learning, and personalized learning.  As a Google Certified Trainer and Instructional Technology Coach with 1:1 iPad and Chromebook experience, Eileen drives the pedagogy behind the devices. Good instruction is good with or without technology; however, technology provides resources and opportunities that otherwise don’t exist.

Where devices apply, Eileen focuses on the quality of the integration. Devices can be used for substitution only, or they can transform learning by personalizing learning and empowering students.  Eileen coaches teachers to use technology to innovate and empower both teacher and students.

While devices are not the focus, choosing the device that fits your needs is important, and Eileen can help you choose wisely; however, purchasing devices is just the beginning.  There are myriad logistical issues that must be addressed: devices need to be managed for student safety as well as for efficiency.  Eileen has assisted in 1:1 iPad and Chromebook deployments at multiple levels and is familiar with both JAMF and the Google Dashboard for device management. While there are many MDMs, and nobody has all the answers, asking the right questions is what is most important. See more on that here.



In addition to being a Google Certified Trainer, Eileen is an Innovation and Digital Learning Coach working with teachers in the trenches using 1:1 technology in the classroom.  She provides training sessions with follow-up, job-embedded PD helping teachers use technology as a transformational tool for communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, engagement, and empowerment.  The focus of the #EdRevolution is on student #engagement and #empowerment.  It’s time to shake up and disrupt education in a good way. No more pointing fingers; no more blaming other factors.  Let’s bring learning and enjoyment back into the classroom.  Let’s find those inventors and innovators that made America what it is today.

Building the Foundation

After moving to the Charleston, SC, area, Eileen became an Instructional Technology Specialist.  In this capacity, she was responsible for all school-wide data analysis, the school website, and all technology professional development.  She logged over 1000 hours of PD over three years and earned a 95% favorable rating among the teachers she trained.

Growth Mindset

Educational growth is a mindset. To stay abreast of technology in education, Eileen attends and presents at conferences such as EdTechTeam Summits and SC Ed Tech Conference.  She also challenges herself to grow which is why she earned her Google Certified Trainer Badge. Eileen is currently working on earning her Google Innovator designation.

Eileen, also, is growing through her Twitter PLN @EFPTech through the use of chats and tags such as #educoach #innovatorsmindset #growthmindset #educhat and anything else that hits the screen with a positive force.  You can connect with Eileen at her LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts.  You can also email her directly at eileen@xizzee.wwwss42.a2hosted.com.  She would be thrilled to hear from you.

  • Customer Satisfaction 95% 95%
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer 100% 100%
  • Google Level 1 Educator Certification 100% 100%
  • Google Level 2 Educator Certification 100% 100%
  • Certified Apple Teacher 100% 100%
  • Certified, Highly Effective Teacher 100% 100%

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Eileen is available for half- and full-day trainings as well as multiple-day coaching.


In addition to lab teaching, Eileen specializes in mobile technology including but not limited to iPads, chromebooks, laptops, and mobile phones both iOS and Android.


It is imperative that leaders in the school be onboard and invested.  Eileen coaches and consults with school and district leaders from superintendents to grade-level leaders.



Overwhelmingly, our customers have most appreciated coaching support in the classroom before, during, and after technology-embedded lessons.  Collaboration with coaches and among other teachers is where the synergy exists.

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