Google Apps on iPads: Hurdles and Hurrahs

Google Apps on iPads: Hurdles and Hurrahs

EdTechTeam_Presenter_Badge2 (1) (1)July 20-21, 2016 North Carolina Ed Tech Team Google Summit, Apex Friendship High School, Apex County School District

Google Apps are available for iPads, but they function differently in an iOS environment.  For collaboration, there are few apps that rival Google.  Eileen will share workarounds for shared iPads to help students keep their work private.  She will also go over the major apps including Google Drive, Docs, and Slides.  Please bring an iPad with you to the session.

All files are linked within the Presentation.

I welcome your comments after the presentation is over.  If you are interested in follow-up training, feel free to contact me or someone on the Ed TechTeam.


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July 16, 2016