Professional Development

Just-in-time training is imperative for all teachers whether class is in person or remote. Teacher burnout is real. Focused teacher training and coaching can help retain teachers.

How can teachers avoid burn out?

How can we engage students?

How can we help all students catch up and excel?

Now that we have all this technology, what’s the best way to move forward?


If you are plagued by these and other questions, we can help! We have tested strategies and tools that teachers can start using immediately to see results fast!

Check out our training and coaching topics below, and then schedule a free 25 min consultation to see how we can support you during these difficult times.

Profesional Development Gallery

G Suite Training

Google Workspace for EDU Training

Are your teachers just getting by, or are they rockin’ it out in Google Workspace (previously g Suite)?  How is their confidence level?  Are they functioning at substitution level or redefinition in SAMR? Are they including the 4 Cs (communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration)? We can help your teachers from beginner through advanced. Pick one of our popular Google Workspace Trainings, or let us build a unique training just for you.

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Increasing Student Online Engagement

Increasing Student Engagement

Student engagement is hard in person, and online we have to figure out who or what our competition is and bring students back to class. Get their heads in the game.  It is possible using new strategies and some existing and possibly new-to-you tools.  We focus on the tools you already have access to and can make some recommendations if you are willing to purchase some. Read more here.

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Google Classroom icon.

Data Analysis and Spreadsheets

The best teachers in your building have strong relationships with their students; their students know they care.  Building relationships online takes a conscious effort and time.  We model for teachers how to use the tools at hand to build relationships.  We analyze why we do certain activities in the classroom and ask whether they are appropriate or necessary in an online setting. Finally, we share out a collection of ideas that teachers can use immediately in their classes.

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Google Classroom icon.

Google Classroom as your LMS

Google Classroom has become the LMS of choice for a majority of American classrooms.  Teachers need Level 1 training to get started at substitution level and Level 2 training to dig deeper and get creative. We also offer an asynchronous online course for tight budgets.

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Remote Coaching

Coaching Support for Growth

Most teachers prefer 1:1 coaching support the same way student prefer 1:1 support from their teachers. We provide in-person and remote coaching support both during class as well as in planning sessions.  Our coaches are available to plan, execute, and debrief lessons for creativity and reflection.

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Remote Training.

Just-in-Time Teacher Training

Not all trainings are created equal.  We strive to survey your teachers’ skills and meet them where they are.  Whether in person or remote, we use both synchronous and asynchronous strategies to model for teachers what they can do for and with their students.

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Chromebook Training

Chromebook Use & Accessibility

While Chromebooks are more like a laptop than a tablet, there is a learning curve before using it.  Let us provide professional development either synchronously or asynchronously to help your teachers, paraprofessionals, and students start using their chromebooks like pros.

We offer beginner through advanced levels of PD as well as accessibility training for your exceptional students.

iPad Training

Apple Training & Support

Whether you are using Apple software or G Suite, our professional development is designed to help you improve your use.  Our trainings have been fire tested in 1:1 settings, and teachers leave with a renewed confidence and energy.

We offer hardware professional development including taking the pad out of the box, choosing an MDM, organizing them on carts, and protecting the charging cables and bricks from theft and loss. We also cover student SOPs (standard operating procedures) and how to handle shared devices.

We also offer software and app covering the installed Apple software and G Suite apps on the iPad.

Finally, we have a special training for accessibility features on iPads to help your exceptional students as well as your littles who cannot read yet.

Device Managment

Device Set Up & Management

All the purchases in the world are no good if there is not a device management system in place with SOPs. We’ve seen $15,000 worth of devices sit unused at backs of rooms because teachers were too nervous or didn’t have time to bother.

We learned the hard way in the trenches.  We know what teachers need.  As a result, our professional development training gives teachers exactly what they need to get started and manage their devices with little to no trouble.

We encourage student empowerment as “device geniuses” to take responsibility and manage the devices with initial training. Who doesn’t want to be on the poster of iPad or Chromebook Geniuses?

Professional Development for Teacher Stability, Support, and Growth

What types of professional development did you offer your teachers in the last year? Was it emergency training or well thought out training followed up by coaching?

Hopefully, your teachers survived the pandemic challenges: Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops! Where do we go from here? Now that you have time to evaluate and reflect on the experience and survey teachers, planning future teacher training is the next step.

Your experienced teachers need to be rejuvenated and see a way forward. Your new hires need to be caught up – and fast! Professional development in the form of just-in-time teacher training is available for all of your needs. Whether you are a Google or Microsoft district, we’ve got engagement tools and best practices to help you grow exponentially.

Can Professional Development Increase Equity?

Now that teachers and students have devices, how do they move forward? We all saw the lack of equity across the country, and it wasn’t limited to hardware. Students across the country seek the same quality resources and teaching programs that our highest performing students have.

We believe all students can learn and excel if provided the right atmosphere and support. Our training and coaching can help your teachers grow and settle in confidently. We personalize every professional development session based on your vision as well as data we collect from your teachers to meet their needs. Our past coaching experiences with 1:1 teachers will help your school and district save money, time, and energy because you won’t have to figure everything out on your own.  From efficient launches to digital citizenship to lesson planning, we are prepared to help your teachers build confidence with the technology while keeping their sanity.

Is Returning to Normal Best for Students?

Here are some ideas for Why You Don’t Want to Return tor Normal this School Year. Now is the ideal time to transition your teachers and students to one of the newer research-based learning models: personalized learning, competency-based learning, authentic learning, project-based learning, and blended learning. What can you take with you as you move forward in (hopefully) post-pandemic education? If your teachers already have a strong digital workflow and are looking to increase student agency and offer self-paced work and blended learning, we can help build your foundation. We successfully trained and supported elementary, middle, and high school teachers in blended learning including station rotation, flipped learning, and flex learning.

Professional Development We Offer

Our professional development offerings are vast and varied. Blended learning, increased student engagement, student agency, self-paced learning, personalized learning, competency-based learning, project-based learning, and authentic learning are all possible with teacher training, coaching, and support. Whether you want to train your instructional coaches and specialists, focus on a cohort of high-flying teachers, or train every teacher in the school, we are ready to work with you.

We offer both synchronous and asynchronous teacher training to meet the busy schedules of your teachers and the budget of your school or district. Schedule a free call now to discuss whether we are a good fit for you.

95% success rate.

Surveyed teachers rated us 3.8/4.0 for our 2000+ hours of teacher training.


Eileen is such an innovative teacher and professional. Each session with her is done with her audience in mind. Each strategy she presents is realistic, research based and student centered. My staff is very lucky to have had Eileen as our presenter/trainer!
Evenide Fanfan-Vilcean

Supervisor of Instructional Technology / CTE / SIS, Roselle Public Schools, NJ

I had a Google training done with Eileen from Cultivating the Learning and it was fantastic. I really honed my skills in Google Meets, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar. There were options that I didn’t even know existed. Due to this training, I will be ale to really use these Google apps more efficiently.
Wendy Flores

Environmental Program Facilitator, Brotherhood Sister Sol

Your Teachers Can Feel Success, Too!

“Eileen, it is always good to hear from you and better yet to SEE you! Thanks for the enormous amount of help you gave me and my student(s) the last time you were at the school. I remember you assisting me  3 times in addition to being in the classroom!  Thanks so very much. You really need to come every week (several days).  Everyone I talk to always expresses how helpful you are.

I look forward to seeing you!!!”
Mrs. N

History Teacher, SC Charter School

“I went in knowing nothing about [integrating outlining with writing] in MS Word.  Eileen went at such an easy pace I never felt flustered.  I leave feeling confident and more capable to create my own outlines.”
Workshop Participant

Classroom Teacher, Abington School District, PA

“[Taking part in the Digital Learning Cohort] has been a life and teaching changing experience.”

1st Year Cohort Participant

Upper Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Charleston County School District

“I enjoyed this class.  The pacing was excellent as well as Eileen’s instructions.  Now I will be able to do a newsletter with my 4th grade students.”
Workshop Participant

4th grade teacher, Abington School District, PA

“This was a fabulous experience and I have already recommended the program to others!”
Anonymous Cohort Participant

1:1 Classroom Teacher, Charleston County School District, SC

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