Our Focus

Cultivating the Learning brings technology integration to K-12 classrooms with a focus on the 4 Cs, blended learning, authentic learning, personalized learning, and innovation for21st century teaching and learning. 

Teacher Collaboration

According to Goddard and Goddard (2007), "Rosenholtz (1989a) argued that isolation was probably the greatest impediment to ... improving existing [teaching] skills because it forced teachers to rely on trial and error and to fall back on their own memories of schooling for models of teaching."

Skills for Success

The ISTE Standards for 2016 lay the groundwork for success in the 21st century.  While many jobs don't yet exist for this generation, we can prepare them by encouraging creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

Training and PD

Training sessions are not sit and get.  Instead, they are active lessons which model how teachers should use technology in the classroom.  Teachers are up and moving, flipping their learning with videos and accountability activities, utilizing hyperdocs, blogging, participating in backchannel discussions, and more.

Collaborative Coaching

Research shows that teachers get much more out of their professional development sessions when there is job-embedded coaching in the classroom.  Find out how we serve your teachers in the classroom while the technology is being used.

Planning and Consulting

Did you know the recommended technology earmarking for teacher technology training is 28%; however, the average technology budget dedicated to teacher training is a mere 5%?  Consulting at the highest levels is important to make your technology initiatives successful.  Don’t wait until you have problems.  Call Eileen today to plan properly and insure successful technology implementation.

What People are Saying

“This was a fabulous experience and I have already recommended the program to others!”

Anonymous Cohort Participant

1:1 Classroom Teacher, Charleston County School District, SC

“[Taking part in the Digital Learning Cohort] has been a life and teaching changing experience.”

1st Year Cohort Participant

Upper Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Charleston County School District

“I enjoyed this class.  The pacing was excellent as well as Eileen’s instructions.  now I will be able to do a newsletter with my 4th grade students.”


Workshop Participant

4th grade teacher, Abington School District, PA

“I went in knowing nothing about [integrating outlining with writing] in MS Word.  Eileen went at such an easy pace I never felt flustered.  I leave feeling confident and more capable to create my own outlines.”

Workshop Participant

Classroom Teacher, Abington School District, PA

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