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Changing Climate and Culture Building-wide

As a coach assisting teachers with technology integration and personalized learning, I notice patterns arising from teacher to teacher.  One pattern that I have noticed is that a teacher, no matter how strong he/she is, hits a wall whether earlier or later when it...

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7 Steps to Stronger Student Collaboration Activities

If you are trying to encourage collaboration in your classroom and are having trouble, read on.  You will see 7 steps that will help you build stronger student collaborators in collaboration activities. What’s All the Hubbub? Why is collaboration such a big deal all...

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Human Touch In Schools

How do we interact with students? Recently, I decided it was time to treat myself to regular yoga classes.  I had been too busy with work and family for too many years and realized that I needed to do it to stay happy and healthy.  While participating in the classes,...

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Authentic Learning – SharkTank Meets UN Grant

Improving the World One Grant at a Time

Making English class relevant is not always easy. Knowing how to read, write, and communicate effectively are important life skills; however, this seems to escape teenagers. English class can be made relevant through authentic learning activities and authentic assessments. If you are looking for an authentic learning activity including Sharktank, a United Nations grant, a jury, and a solution to social issues, read on.

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Are You Leading by Learning?

Many of the messages generated in education are about what students and teachers should be doing, and so LITTLE focuses on what the LEADERS should be doing. All too often, building and district leadership are the least trained in technology, personalized pathways, and new innovative practices that are spreading across more progressive classrooms. Without leadership buy-in, innovation too often goes nowhere. How can you bring your leadership on board?

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Eileen is amazing and I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else! Her passion for her content makes even the most reluctant learner want to try and be amazing! Keep up the great work!

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