Save Money and Time: Plan with an Education Consultant

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Nothing pays off as well as
properly structured,
properly funded
technology training for teachers.
~ Mickey Revenaugh

Why Invest in an Education Consultant?

Planning for new pedagogy and technology initiatives is paramount to successful implementation. Consulting with people who have already made mistakes and learned the hard way can save you a lot of time, effort, and resources. Factors to hash out include:

  • bandwidth
  • wireless access points
  • IT support
  • funding
  • devices to fit student needs
  • admin training and coaching
  • admin device and software training
  • admin evaluation training
  • teacher device and software training
  • teacher technology integration coaching
  • digital citizenship
  • acceptable use policies (AUPs)
  • pedagogy shift training
  • cohort planning
  • longterm teacher PD
  • job-embedded coaching and support
  • more…

There are many ways to implement new initiatives,  and without serious planning, your initiative is bound to fail.

Education Consultants Save Time, Money, and Resources

Going one-to-one is a popular goal in education; however, some people chose to do it without proper planning and some for non-educational reasons.  Our team has grown over the past 4-7 years in planning, deploying, and maintaining devices in a 55,000+ student district.  We can save you many headaches because of our varied experiences including choosing devices, planning professional development and teacher training, devising deployment plans, maintaining devices, collaborating with IT, coaching teachers, and device refreshment.

Here are some topics we can help you with:

  • Where to Start

  • Goal Setting/Visioning

  • Research

  • Planning

  • Teacher Training

  • Methods of Delivery

  • Deployment of Devices

  • Managing Devices

Teachers attend a 5-week training course to prepare them for deployment of chromebooks covering Google for Education Suite.

Teachers attend a 5-week training course to prepare them for deployment of chromebooks covering Google for Education Suite.



If reading all of this has your head spinning, you are not alone. Please feel free to contact us at Cultivating the Learning to help you get settled and walk you through the process whether it be one step or many. You won’t regret communicating and collaborating with us.

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Free Online Resources for Funding and Planning Technology Initiatives

  1. Funding Technology in Schools by Perdue University
  2. National Center for Education Statistics
  3. Funding Digital Learning by Dept. of Ed Office of Educational Technology
  4. Broadband Technology Opportunities Program by US Dept. of Commerce
  5. SETDA Strategic Plan 2016