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I had a Google training done with Eileen from Cultivating the Learning and it was fantastic. I really honed my skills in Google Meets, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar. There were options that I didn’t even know existed. Due to this training, I will be ale to really use these Google apps more efficiently.

Wendy Flores
Environmental Program Facilitator
Brotherhood Sister Sol

What are your Google Training needs?

Looking for Google Workspace training for your teachers?  We specialize in

    • Google training for teachers and staff of kindergarten through grade 12 schools
    • from technophobe to technophile
    • iPads and Chromebooks
    • Docs, Sheet, Slides
    • Jamboard, Drawings, & Keep
    • Calendar, Gmail, & Contacts for efficiency

We have lived it and are here to help you succeed.

How is our Google Training for Teachers and Staff different?

We feel your pain with “sit and get” trainings because we are all educators and have felt the same frustration.  Our Google training for teachers has been tested in fire with teachers and support staff across the country.

Our trainings include:

    • the latest educational pedagogy:
      • blended learning
      • personalized learning
      • authentic learning
    • personalization to your time constraints as well as learning needs
      • 1 to 3 hour sessions
      • all day work sessions
      • week-long bootcamps
    • best practices modeled for your teachers and support staff
      • high engagement
      • skills survey to personalize instruction
      • focus on practicality
      • hands-on activities
      • collaboration

If you don’t see what you need here, let’s chat to see what we can do for you. Sometimes, our website can’t keep up with our learning curve.

Give your teachers the support they need.

Google Workspace Course Offerings

Below are some of our most popular Google Training for Teachers offerings. As experienced teachers and instructors, we can personalize topics to fit your needs.  We are ready to create a new workshop or course based on your needs.  Just ask!

Google Classroom icon.
Google Classroom for Beginners

This Google Training for Teachers is an introductory course for anyone new to or struggling with Google Classroom. This workshop includes best practice recommendations for settings, Stream, and  Classwork. 

Google Classroom for Student Engagement

This Google Training for Teachers is a good follow-up to our Google Classroom for Beginners. Google Classroom for Student Engagement builds on a basic understanding of Google Classroom.  It adds SEL use of the Stream and integrates outside apps for increased student engagement. Most teachers are struggling with student engagement.  We can help them increase student engagement.

Google Classroom as Your LMS

Google Classroom just keeps improving!  With that improvement comes complexity.  Let us show your teachers how to use Google Classroom fluidly and fluently with students.  It can serve as your workflow solution for distributing and collecting digital work. You can utilize small groups to personalize and differentiate and engage with electronic discussions. Rubrics are not embedded in assignments for easy application.  The gradebook is also ready to go for easy tracking of grades and missing assignments.

G Suite Training
Google Workspace Apps for Beginners

This Google Apps for Beginners gives an introduction and overview to G suite apps, what each does, and briefly how each can be used for productivity and learning.

Google Workspace for Student Engagement

This Google Training for Teachers covers Google Apps for increased student engagement.  These workshops focus on activities and how various Google Apps can be used to accomplish your goals for student engagement and activities including online discussions, Socratic seminars, peer editing, brainstorming, project management, and more.

Google Workspace and 4 Cs for 21st Century Success

This 3-hour Google Training for Teachers workshop focuses on how to apply G Suite for Education to meet the 4 Cs: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. This workshop will help your teachers think about digital activities to spur student creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.  These activities are necessary for students to be career and college ready.

Chrome Extensions for Education.
Chrome Extensions for Education
This 3-hour Google training covers the how and the why behind bookmarking and Google Chrome Extensions for both teacher and student.  First we set up our bookmark toolbar with folders.  Then we explore the Bookmark Manager and get organized. Next, we explore the Chrome Web Store for ease of use and install and explore popular extensions such as Google Docs Quick Create, Screencastify, Easy Bib Toolbar, Print Friendly & PDF, URL shorteners, and more.
Chrome Extensions for Productivity

This training can run 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on how many extensions you want us to cover. We recommend you start with what extensions do, how to find and install them, and which we recommend.

The most-used Chrome extensions include Kami, Print Friendly & PDF, bitly, Screenshot Capture, Dualless, Google Docs Quick Create, and many Google Meet Extensions.

Screencastify for Flipped Learning

This course can run for a half or a full day.  Screencastify is a free extension in Google Chrome that enables teachers and students to narrate while videotaping their screen.  This is the perfect app for flipped learning and self-paced video-based learning.  It is also a wonderful creation app for students to show their learning by creating a video to teach others.

Google's Applied Digital Skills
Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum offers project-based learning in a video-based format.  It provides all of the technology skills instruction embedded in real-life tasks.  The curriculum applies to upper elementary through grade 12 and covers such topics as If-Then Adventure Stories, Research and Develop a Topic, Create a Resume in Google Docs, and Organize College Information in Google Sheets
YouTube + EdPuzzle for Flipped Learning
This course can run for a half or a full day.  EdPuzzle gives teachers superpowers to work with Google YouTube videos.  EdPuzzle lets teachers add questions and comments to any YouTube video and incorporates formative assessments and a gradebook to help teachers track student progress and identify strengths and weaknesses for data-informed teaching.
Video Learning in the Classroom
This course focuses on the “WHY” behind video learning and then moves to what you might want to videotape in advance and then how to do it easily.  We will focus on the Google extension Screencastify as well as Google’s YouTube and EdPuzzle. This can easily be developed into a 6-hour course.
Google Classroom icon.
Flipgrid for Engagement & Reflection

This Training for Teachers explores the many features of Flipgrid, free to all teachers and students, to allow students to express themselves and explore their own voice.  Flipgrid can be used to pitch ideas, present information, create a digital wax museum, and show mastery of a skill. If you haven’t looked at Flipgrid, take time to do it soon. 

Google Meet Icon
Adapting to Google Meet for Remote Learning

This Google Training for Teachers is a workshop to help teachers feel more comfortable using Google Meet as their online classroom. Remote learning and in-person learning do not require the same parts of a lesson.  It is of utmost importance that teachers work hard at building relationships.  We model techniques for teachers to use, so they experience the student perspective and then practice during the session. This session can be personalized from 1-3 hours depending on your need and your teachers’ expertise.

Google Jamboard for Student Engagement

This Google Training for Teachers can be personalized 1-3 hours based on your teachers’ needs and experience. Google Jamboard is available in G Suite for Edu and Google Workspace and can be used for relationship building, brainstorming, organization, power voting, breakout rooms and more. 

Chromebook Training
Chromebooks Level 1: Getting to Know You

This Training for Teachers and support staff introduces the Chromebook and its similarities to and differences from other mobile devices. The focus at this level is in logging in, adding multiple accounts to one Chromebook for shared devices, accessing settings, and unique keyboard shortcuts.

Chromebooks Level 2: Accessing Google Apps

This training for teachers and support staff focuses on increasing confidence and comfort levels with Chromebooks. Knowing how to take a screenshot, split your screen, open and access multiple windows, and more are covered for teaching and learning purposes.

Chromebook Accessibility Features

This training for teachers and support staff covers the accessibility features for those with special learning needs including speech to text, text to speech, increasing visibility, and more. IEP and 504 students will benefit when their teachers have this training.

Google Workspace for Edu on iPads Part 1: Getting Started

This Google Training for Teachers covers Google Apps on iPads including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Classroom. We cover SAMR for pedagogical knowledge of technology integration.  If iPads are shared, we cover strategies to help students keep their work private.  Then, we cover use of the Google Apps on the iPad.  The goal of this course is to insure comfortability and confidence using iPads in the classroom. Note: Google Drawing and Google Sites are not available for the iPad.

Google Workspace for Edu on iPads Part 2

This Google Training for Teachers course is best completed after Google Apps on iPads Part 1.  It assumes a familiarity and confidence with iPads in the classroom and takes users to the next level of integration.  This course focuses on SAMR and the 4 Cs: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.  Training incorporates flipped learning, flex learning and station rotation to increase personalization for the participants.

Portrait of a Graduate: Level 1

This Level 1 training introduces teachers and support staff to the 4 Cs: communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. These skills are necessary for success in 21st Century jobs and are the focus of many states’ portrait of a graduate. This training covers basic strategies for including the 4Cs while covering your regular content and standards.

Portrait of a Graduate: Level 2

This Level 2 training is best received after completing the Portrait of a Graduate: Level 1 training.  Level 2 goes more in depth and covers advanced strategies for building lessons that cover your standards while requiring collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. It includes authentic learning and begins to incorporate features of Project Based Learning.