Personalized Learning

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5-Day Personalized Learning Bootcamp

Book our 5-day Personalized Learning Bootcamp is for K-12 teachers. Your teachers will leave with a strong foundation to start planning personalized learning immediately for the next day, week, month, or year.


Why do I need the PL bootcamp?

Personalized learning is the education revolution we’ve all been seeking.  If your students are disinterested and apathetic, you want to look into personalized learning. Through increased engagement and eventually empowerment, your students will have a new outlook on learning and their futures.

What will I accomplish?

In the 5-day bootcamp, you will learn the 4 pillars of personalized learning and how they work together.  You will experience personalized learning as a learner to prepare  you for instituting it in your classroom.  You will also create your first lessons to introduce your students to your new classroom methods.

How will I be better off?

If your students are compliant but just along for the ride or disgruntled and disengaged, you will now have the tools to create a new climate and culture in your room with increased student agency.  You will have tools to collect information from your students to build learner profiles and begin to set the stage for blended or flipped learning. Finally, you will begin to think about and structure your room and lessons more flexibly.

What Topics are Covered?

  • student agency
  • learner profiles
  • learner pathways
  • flexible environments
  • actionable data
  • technology tools

How is the Information Presented?

We model many personalized learning tasks to give teachers the PL experience as a learner.  We offer mini-lessons followed by station rotation and flipped learning to allow teachers to dive in where they feel they need it.  We meet in small groups based on learner choices to give support and answer questions.

We use engaging strategies and tools including turn-and-talk, think-pair-share, online discussions, PearDeck, EdPuzzle, Screencastify, Google Jamboard and G Suite to name a few.

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What is Personalized Learning All About?

There is no one path to personalized learning. We have analyzed many PL systems and have synthesized the common elements below. Because PL is evolving, you should feel free to individualize for your community of learners.

Student Agency

As we move from sit and get to personal autonomy, students need to be nurtured and actively taught how to be independent. We train and coach your teachers on how to build positive climate and culture in the classroom, how to create SOPs, how to encourage student metacognition and more.

Learner Profiles

Learner profiles serve both the teacher and student and include academic and personal goals, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Teachers use them to build relationships and lessons.  Students use them for self-awareness, goal setting, self-assessment, meta-cognition, and more.

Learner Pathways

Learner pathways are often the most difficult PL factor for teachers to tackle.  Because there are multiple moving parts, teachers need a template or system to help them get started.  We will share our template in your training.  Then, you will complete one before you leave to ensure your confidence level in using it independently.

Flexible Environment

Flexible environment is a much misunderstood element of PL.  Many people believe this is about cool new furniture creating a flexible space.  It is so much more than that and is needed for flexible small groups, time, path, and place, too. Flexibility is about is about allowing students voice and choice to decide which flexible factor serves them best eventually overlapping with student agency and learner profiles.

Actionable Data

With the onset of ed tech software, too many schools and districts are data rich and information poor. Data is worthless if it is not actionable. This portion of the training is personalized to the software available to you whether it be MAP results, Achieve3000, or ALEKS. Teachers need to be comfortable pulling data and using it to create small groups on the fly.  This eventually becomes a daily task like a well oiled machine.

Technology Management

While personalized learning is possible without technology, it sure is a lot easier with it.  As a result, districts are purchasing technology with the assumption that teachers will automatically know how to manage the physical devices as well as know how to effectively integrate the many available apps. We will give you tested techniques for managing the devices and the learners using them.

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