What are your Spreadsheet Training needs?

Today’s teachers are expected to use formative assessments for individualized instruction.  This task is nearly impossible without the use of technology to help gather, sort, and code data.  Today’s administrators are tasked with analyzing the data of an entire school whether it is NWEA, PARCC, or state assessments.  Many teachers and administrators have not had the instruction or experience necessary to analyze data efficiently.  Our trainings will have your team sharing and analyzing data like champs.  Once they become comfortable with analyzing data, they will be able to ask tough questions about the data, which is where the real power is.

How is our Spreadsheet Training for Teachers different?

Most available spreadsheet trainings are done by companies catering to businesses.  Our trainings are done by teachers and district employees for teachers and district employees.  Our staff has worked as teachers, data specialists, instructional coaches, and content area specialists within schools and districts completing the exact tasks you are doing.  We have already lived your pain and have figured out the most efficient way to do things using spreadsheets.  We are also FERPA trained, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally sharing data out with those who are not authorized to see it.

We offer 3-, 6-, and 20+- hour trainings to make sure your teachers have time to learn and practice with support.  We also differentiate our spreadsheet trainings by including sample files that have real school data with identifiers removed.  

Pre-Made and Unique Course Offerings

Below are some of our most popular Spreadsheet Trainings for Teachers. As experienced teachers and instructors, we can personalize topics to fit your needs.  We are ready to create a new workshop or course based on your needs.  Just ask!

Spreadsheet Training

Graduate credit available

Excel or Google Spreadsheet Basic Level (3 hours total)

  • introduce spreadsheet terminology
  • set up a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets
  • name each worksheet with a personalized name
  • become familiar and comfortable with the layout and where to locate the most commonly used features such as font size and style, formatting buttons, undo, redo, center, and AutoSum
  • learn shortcuts for recurring tasks such as cut, copy, past, moving data, and copying down
  • navigate through the spreadsheet easily to save time
  • apply basic formulas for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and averaging

Excel or Google Spreadsheet Charts and Graphs (3 hours total)

  • review shortcuts for common Excel functions
  • review spreadsheet terminology such as cell, column, row, column name, row name, cursor, formula bar
  • create a pie graph using data that is given to you
  • create a bar chart using data that is given to you
  • create a chart to show longitudinal growth using data that is given to you

Crystal Reports (Personalized for Each Customer)

This training has to be personalized to each school depending upon the system used. Usually, data has to be queried using Crystal Reports. It is returned to you in a text file which you must convert in Excel or another spreadsheet.

Excel or Google Spreadsheets Intermediate Level (6 hour workshop)

  • this workshop requires the user to be familiar with everything in the Basic Level course. This workshop will pick up where the Basic Level left off.
  • resize rows and columns to make all data easy to read
  • apply wrap text and merge and center for improved formatting and legibility
  • tilt your text for improved legibility
  • apply formatting to numbers from percent to currency to general numbers
  • increase or decrease the number of decimals
  • set formulas to calculate and show the answer in a non-contiguous cell on the same worksheet
  • set formulas on different worksheets to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and average
  • create a totals worksheet that will show the totals from each worksheet all in one place
  • change print settings to print with or without grid
  • apply a header and a footer for each worksheet

Excel or Google Spreadsheet Proficient Level (6 hours)

  • this workshop requires the user to be familiar with everything in the Basic and Intermediate Level workshops. This workshop will pick up where the Intermediate Level left off.
  • cursory review of printer setting options
  • set row one to print at the top of all pages
  • review of functions which pull data from different worksheets
  • freeze panes to make certain rows and/or columns remain stationary as you scroll
  • apply ‘COUNT’ formulas to count the total the number of occurrences in non-blank cells
  • apply ‘IFCOUNT’ formulas to count the number of occurrences in non-blank cells that meet a criteria
  • apply conditional formatting to the entire spreadsheet to apply color or formatting when specified criteria is met
  • write ‘IF’ statements that will complete a task if one of two criteria is met
  • write ‘IF-THEN’ statements that will complete a task

Excel or Google Spreadsheet Advanced Level (6 hours)

  • this workshop is most useful when analyzing large amounts of data. All participants should be well versed with all skills listed in the Basic, Intermediate, and Proficient Level workshops.
  • conditional formatting
  • freezing panes
  • printer settings
  • if-then statements
  • pivot table – useful to summarize, analyze, explore, and present summary data
  • pivot chart – help you visualize PivotTable report summary data so that you can easily see comparisons, patterns, and trends


Excel or Google Spreadsheet Graduate Course (20 hours or 1 grad credit)

  • This course includes all three levels listed above.  Teachers will be met where they are in their learning and will be allowed to progress at their own pace.
  • We use flipped and online learning to present some lessons while the instructor is available for hands-on support and assistance.
  • If you are interested in this course as a 100% online course, please contact us.